Thursday 5 June 2014

Tableau Vivant Toshihiko Hair & Aviator Glasses New** @TDM

Marvellous unisex hair available in the usual 7 packs, one hud contains 14 tints and 16 colors for the beanie (plus color changer). Toshihiko is a shoulders length mesh unisex hairstyle with a beanie, it is unrigged and can be adjusted.
The Aviator eye Glasses comes with 6 frame metals and 2 lens options, opaque and reflexes. Can be wear on Nose: wears as normal eyewear; head: wears over the beanie and mouth: glasses hanging out of mouth.
Aviator glasses & case, if you want to use it as decor, without the floating text of the unpacker.

Livy Asia Glam Affair New** @Arcade

::Leonard:: Leatherjacket Four Seasons Asphalt New** (soon) @The Chapter Four
Available in 4 colours

Livy Asia 10 E
Gloss 01

Arcade Set

AF Paris Loft Skybox Rare, Sketchbook, Monogram Luggage Bag, Recycled Desk & Tea Time Teaset

U.f.o Swan lake Manequin

Ohmai Gerbera and Dandelion Fairy (companion) & Bumble Bee Fairy Terrarium

8f8 Vintage Table, Vinatage chair, Shared Pleasure (Secret) and Liar Liar Pants on Fire (Secret)

Scarlet Creative The Arcade Love Birds

Imeka Rose Vase

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