Saturday 27 February 2021

[Glam Affair] Raisa Skin Applier for Lelutka Evolution Head New** @Uber
Superb skin applier available with shape included. Here wear in River Head. In tones 2, 4 to 10 included and lots of makeups

LeLUTKA River Head 2.5 New** @Lelutka mainstore
Superb Update of River head

Tableau Vivant // Water Lilly Gacha Dropping Hair and Water Lillies Rare New** @The Arcade Gacha
Wonderful Gacha with 3 Hair versions and 1 Rare (3 leaves and 3 water lillies). Commons include one Hair, one Hud, non rigged Hair. Packs are Black & White, Blondes, Reds, Fades and Colors (no trnasfer and no mod)

[Glam Affair] Luna Eyes Applier (BOM) past FLF @Glam Affair mainstore

{Le Fil Cassé} Vidara Fishnet Set New** @FaMESHed X
Wonderful Set for Maitreya Lara, Petite, Freya, Legacy, Perky and Kupra. In 20 colors and fatpacks fully customizable

LaGyo Love and Roses New** @Kustom9
Wonderful set with Love facepiece (3 metals), Love Earrings (3 metals) and Rose Headpiece in in 12 colors with Hud

Ana Poses Parachute New** @Shiny Shabby
Wonderful set of 5 Static Poses. Copy and modify

Milk Motion Water Lillies (Picnic at the Water´s Edge) @Milk Motion mainstore

Bolson Tattoo @Bolson mainstore

Lode Oleander Branch @Shiny Shabby


Thursday 25 February 2021

[Glam Affair] Yuki Skin Applier for Lelutka Evolution Heads @Glam Affair mainstore

LeLUTKA Ryn Head 2.5 New** @Lelutka mainstore

Tram - K0216 Hair New** @Uber
Wonderful Hair available in 4 versions and 4 color packs

Lunar Fany Outfit New** @Equal|10
Wonderful Rigged Outfit for Lara, Petite, Legacy, Perky, Freya and Kupra. Includes a fluffy crop hoodie in 4 sizes (3 to fit your hair and one with the hoodie down) and 4 kind of optional ears (bunny, kitty, teddy and unicorn!) it also has customizable arms bows and all kind of colorings. The top that comes in velvet, opaque and 4 level of sheer. Then we have shorts that follow the same options of the top and as well a fluffy fanny pack. All items have customize hud and glitter options except Shoes

SAPA Poses #104 New** @The Warehouse Event
Wonderful Set with 12 bento poses - 50% sale. With added breath animation to some of the poses so that they can be used in AO. There are seated poses.

-Hisa- Potter's Cottage New** @Uber Hometown Event
Wonderful Cottage fits inside a 512 mts parcel. In LOD 2 and LOD 4, both with 60 land impact. Copy/Mod

-Hisa- Hanging Vines New** @Uber Hometown Event
Wonderful Hanging Vines Mod / copy 1li and 2 colors

Pitaya - Tulip Delivery Gacha New** @Kustom9
Wonderful set with 1 Rare and 9 Commons. Material enabled. Decor only. Hud with 6 colors to change the vehicle including poses

Pitaya - Cush Collection Part I New** @TLC
Wonderful set of pillows with various colors and textures to make my environment even more cozy. Each color has 5 different texture options

Pitaya - Farm Table Mood New** @Anthem
Wonderful Table with, Chairs, Fruit Plates and Candles. 

Keke Flowers and Grass


Sunday 21 February 2021

[Glam Affair] Ryn Skin Applier for Lelutka Evolution Heads @Glam Affair mainstore

LeLUTKA Ryn Head 2.5 @Lelutka mainstore

Tableau Vivant // Vale Hair New** @Kustom9
Wonderful Hair available in the usual color packs and different fit sizes

naminoke r-l-f+*N*KUROMUKU New** @Kagami2021
Wonderful Japanese Wedding Black Dress. Available in 4 options

naminoke r-l-f+*N*KUROMUKU Kasane  (Fat Bonus) New** @Kagami2021
Wonderful Dress Applier with Hud for changing glow and colors

naminoke *NAMINOKE*TsumamiZaiku Bouquet / HeadDress New** @Kagami2021
Wonderful Bouquet and Headdress available in 4 options. The bouquet includes a pose

Gloom Galaxy Collection Eyes Applier New** @Harajuku Event
Wonderful Eye Hud system layers available in different tones

Lyrium. Mell Static & Breathing + Fingers Series - fatpack New** @Access Event
Wonderful Series of Poses

{anc} Kunbai Umetree @anc mainstore


Saturday 20 February 2021

[Glam Affair] Ginny Skin Applier for Lelutka Evolution Heads New** @Kustom9

LeLUTKA Fleur Head 2.5 @Lelutka mainstore

#Aurica Marta Dress New** @Harajuku Event
Wonderful Dress available with Hud for changing texture. For Legacy + Perky and Maitreya 

Stealthic Searching Hair New** @Access
Wonderful Hair available in the usual color tones. A curly side ponytail that has the option of being pushed to the back along with an ear tuck option. A smaller head size is included.

KUNGLERS Jordan Necklace New** @Trés Chic Event
Wonderful Necklace with Multitexture Hud

Michan Printemps Rings @Michan mainstore

IKON Apex Eyes New** @TMD
Wonderful Set of New Eyes 

Jack Spoon Julia Eyeshadows & Toki Doll Lash (lelutka Evo) New** @Harajuku Event
Wonderful Eyeshadows applier for Lelutka Evolution Heads. Available in 8 glitter  options. The Lashes are also available in 8 options

SAPA Sad Animation Bonus for #110 Poses New** @Cupid inc.


Tuesday 16 February 2021

[Glam Affair] Ginny Skin Applier for Lelutka Evolution Heads New** @Kustom9
Superb Skin Applier available with shape in the usual color tones and a lots of makeup. Wear on Ryn Head

LeLUTKA Ryn Head 2.5 New** @Lelutka mainstore
Superb Head available with a major update

Tram K0129 Hair New** @Collabor88
Wonderful Hair available in five styles via Hud and in the usual color packs

Ikon Appex Eyes New** @Ikon mainstore

Pixicat - Harlow Jacket New** @Anthem Event
Wonderful Jacket in a lot of solid and pattern colors. Fatpack is MOD and contains 34 extra colors. HUD to change color of the buttons and metal parts are included in all colors. For Maitreya + Petit + Flat + Slink Hourglass + Belleza Freya and Legacy + Perky

SAPA Poses #110 New** @Cupid inc.
Wonderful Set of 14 Bento Animation for AO.  If you make purchases for 800L, additional prizes await you). There are 3 more sad animations from Sapa (especially for those who want to be sad on this day) with "Single" Reward Mystery Boxes!

-Hisa- English Garden Shed Stay Home @Hisa mainstore
Wonderful resizable Shed with flowers

Concept} Bring New** @Kustom9
Wonderful collection with 12 Item and 2 Rares (Sofa PG and Adult)


Saturday 13 February 2021

[Glam Affair] Zora Lelutka Skin Applier New** @Collabor88
Superb Skin Applier available in tones 2, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8

LeLUTKA Zora Head 2.5 New** @Lelutka mainstore

Foxy Ivy Hair New** @Kustom9
Wonderful Hair available in different sizes with Hud to mix and match texture parts

Pixicat - Valentina Dress New** @Collabor88
Wonderful Dress in plus then 42 colors (solid and patterns). HUD (included in all colors). Hide/show Sequin Layer + textures. Maitreya+Petit. Slink Hourglass. Belleza Freya. Legacy+Perky

LaGyo Jettesetter Collection Gacha New (in collaboration with Trés Beau)** @Collabor88
Wonderful Collection with 4 Rares and 27 Commons

Lyrium. Rukaya Static & Breathing + Fingers Series - fatpack New** @Equal|10
Wonderful set of 5 static mirrored Poses and 5 Breathings with Fingers and Leg

Scarlet Creative Beach House and Furniture (past Saturday Sale) @Scarlet Creative mainstore
Wonderful House  (and bonus furniture fatpack). House is 18 x 22 M. Super Low LI - 38 LI. Mod and Copy. Plus Bonus Furniture Fatpack 15 Items

Pitaya Flower Vase and Fruits New** @Anthem Event
Part of the wonderful Farm Table collection


Tuesday 9 February 2021

CATWA HDPRO Majer Soft New** @Catwa mainstore
Amazing  NEW LINE of very advanced Bento Mesh Heads. Freckles, Lipstick and Eyeline from Catwa

.euphoric ~ Influencer Eyes Collection New** @euphoric mainstore
Wonderful set of 15 eyes applier for Catwa, Genus and Lelutka

Tableau Vivant // Jinny Hair New** @Collabor88
Wonderful Hair available in 2 options: Fit 1 and Fit 2 with or without bangles and in the usual color packs

Blueberry Blessed Set New** @Blueberry mainstore

Wonderful Set  with Jackets in 2 versions: Wear on or wrap around your waist. Gorgeous tops fit perfectly with the skirts which can be worn as plaid or chevron wool. There are optional 2 length socks to wear with your shoes. Shoes are highly customizable. Side details, ties and soles can be color changed.

SAPA Poses #108 (past Anthem Event) @Sapa mainstore
Wonderful set  of 12 bento poses (# 108) + HUD + cloud

{anc} Meadow New** @Shiny Shabby

{anc}Hydrangea and Baby's Breath @anc mainstore


Monday 8 February 2021

[Glam Affair] Lala Skin Applier for Lelutka Evolution Heads (past FLF) @Glam Affair mainstore
Superb Basic skin

LeLUTKA Zora Head 2.5 New** @Lelutka mainstore

.euphoric ~ Eda Eyes Collection Fullpack New** @Kinky Event
Wonderful collection of 8 eyes appliers for Lelutka, Catwa and Genus

Stealthic - Gambit Hair New** @Anthem Event
Wonderful Hair shoing more and less of the ears. In rigged and unrigged versions available in the usual color packs

Pixicat - Nadia Sweater New** @FaMESHed
Wonderful Sweater available in fullpacks in 35 extra colors and MOD. For Hourglass, Freya, Legacy & Perky and Maitreya Lara & Petite

Ricielli - Raye Pants New** @FaMESHed
Wonderful Pants part of an Outifit available in a lot of textures. For Lara, Petite, Freya, legacy and Perky

KUNGLERS Mya Necklace New** @FaMESHed
Wonderful Necklace available with Multitexture Hud

KUNGLERS - Valentine Ring Gift New** @Valentines Shop and Hop
Wonderful Engagement Ring made in 2 parts that matches together in a Heart shape. Available with Hud for changing metal textures

Nerth - 01 Backdrop New** @Harajuku Event
Wonderful Backdrop available in 2 versions. Mod and Copy

{anc} The Flash Heart Lantern New** for FLF @anc mainstore
Wonderful Heart Lantern available in 2 tones

Ana Poses - Kurpa Standing Animations (past Shiny Shabby) @Ana Poses mainstore
Wonderful Set of 5 standing animations


Monday 1 February 2021

[Glam Affair] Svea Skin Applier for Lelutka Evolution Head New** @Kustom9

LeLUTKA Head Irina 2.5 New** @Lelutka mainstore

Ricielli - Natalie Sweater New** @Cosmopolitan Event
Wonderful Sweater available in 21 colors for Maitreya Lara, Petite, Legacy, Perky and Freya

Ricielli - Adira Shoes New** (past Cosmopolitan) @Ricielli mainstore
Wonderful Shoes available for Maitreya, Legacy and Belleza. Available via Hud in 20 options

Tableau Vivant // Bray Windy Hair New** @Uber 
Wonderful Hair available in Windy and normal options. In 6 color packs

LaGyo Tegan Necklace New** @Access Event
Wonderful Necklace available with Earrings in 4 metals each with Hud for 16 option colors

Kunglers Silene rings New** @Cosmopolitan Event

SAPA Poses Set #109 New** @The Warehouse Sale Event
Wonderful Set of 20 bento poses with animation for AO (5 sit poses) + 3 pose ball (1 pose ball for men) + AO for just for example + HUD with 4 poses only hand + stool with pose

-HISA- Pine View Cabin and Winter Edition New** @Hisa mainstore
Wonderful Cabin available also in Winter Editon

-HISA- Rustic Birdfeeders Gift (past Seraphim Event) @Hisa mainstore
Wonderful Birdfeeders available in 2 options each in 2 versions: with or without snow

-HISA- Grass and Snow @Hisa mainstore

{anc} Clothes Line Pole New** @Uber

{anc} Cocktail Birds @anc mainstore

Pitaya - Lazing Hanging Planter New** @TSS
Wonderful Planter available with Hud for changing the textures