Tuesday 26 January 2021

[Glam Affair] Svea Skin Applier New** @Kustom9

LeLUTKA Head Irina 2.5 New** @Lelutka mainstore

Tram J1213 Hair @Tram mainstore
Wonderful Hair available in the usual color packs and in 3 stylish options

erratic Yui Sweater Outfit New** @erratic mainstore
Wonderful Sweater available for Maitreya Lara and Petite with Hud for 20 colors

erratic Tasha Suede Boots New** @erratic mainstore
Wonderful Boots available with Hud for 16 colors. For Maitreya Lara and Lara Petite

Kunglers Silene rings New** @Cosmopolitan Event
Wonderful set of rings with Multitexture Hud

Lyrium. Ai Static and Breathing + Fingers Series New** @Dubai
Wonderful set of 5 mirrored static poses, with new Leg movement. Five Breathings plus Legs and Hands options

Scarlet Creative The Nook Cabin and Furniture New** @Scarlet Creative
Wonderful Nook Cabin plus a bonus fatpack of furniture with over 14 items included.The Nook is 31 LI (35 with Snow Roof/Toppers) 10 x 7 M. Fits 512 plots and up

{anc} Clothes Line Pole and Meadow New** @Uber
Wonderful Line Pole available for the pole in 2 colors and the clothes in 4. The Meadow have the windy option and an Hud for changing texture

HISA - SnowFade Plane and Snow Mound

{anc} Kunbai Umetree @anc mainstore

{anc} Snow Flake Field @anc mainstore

{anc} Tears Tree @anc mainstore

Fundati Snowy Rock @Fundati mainstore


Sunday 24 January 2021

[Glam Affair] Fanya Skin Applier for Lelutka Evolution Heads New** @ACCESS

LeLUTKA Sasha Head 2.5 New** @Lelutka mainstore
Superb New Evolution Head with new update fonctions and options

Tram J1114 Hair (past Uber) @Tram mainstore
Wonderful Hair available in the usual color packs with bangs in 7 options

euphoric ~ Channel Eyes Collection fullpack New** @euphoric mainstore
Wonderful Eyes applier for Catwa, Genus and Lelutka. 

Fewness - Witchcraft Power Tattoo New** @Harajuku Event
Wonderful Tattoo Applier for Legacy, Bom and Omega

Namo - Blaise Earrings New** @Harajuku Event
Wonderful Earrings with customisable Hud

{Le Fil Cassé} Alexa Bikini Set New** (past Kinky Event) @Le Fil Cassé
Wonderful Bikini with 20 options

Pitaya Cozy Winter Gacha New (past Epiphany) @Pitaya mainstore
Wonderful Gacha Set with Day Bed Rare, Rustic Bench, Rug, decorative Stairs and much more decor items

Atelier Burgundy + Pitaya Bookstore (past Anthem) @Pitaya mainstore
Wonderful Gacha Set with coffee table with Cake, Donuts, Cups of coffee and Lamps, among much other items

Pitaya Muxarabi House New** @Pitaya mainstore
Wonderful House with Swimming pool with lots of poses. the windows and doors open and close

{anc} Separate Stool New** @Kustom9
Wonderful Stool with poses in 3 options

{anc} Antique Cage Lamp Floor @anc mainstore

Little Branch Palms @Little Branch mainstore

Apple Fall Tableau


Tuesday 19 January 2021

[Glam Affair] Svea Skin Applier for Lelutka Evolution Head New** @Kustom9
Superb Skin applier available with shape included and lots of makeup. In tones 2, 4 till 10 included.

LeLUTKA Evolution  Zora Head 2.5 New** @Lelutka mainstore
Superb new Head available with all the updated functions.

Foxy. Ivy Hair New** @Kustom9
Wonderful Hair available in the usual color packs and stylish Hud in 3 options

Gloom Eyes New** @Harajuku Event
Wonderful Eyes Applier available in size Small and Medium in a lot of different colors

Baiastice Button Up Shirt and & Low Rise Up Trousers (past Uber) @Baiastice mainstore
Wonderful Shirt Available in 16 colors. Each color HUD: Hide/Show Shirt & Lower Top. Shirt solid and sheer. Fat Pack 50% OFF All colors by HUD +8+8 Bonus. Mix & Match Shirt and Top only by Fat Pack Hud
The Trouser Available in 16 colors. Fat Pack 50% OFF All colors by HUD +8+8 Bonus. For Freya - Hourglass - H Petite - Legacy - Perky - Maitreya - M Petite

LaGyo Violetta Tassel Earrings New** @Kustom9
Wonderful Earrings available in 3 metal tones and Hud with 10 colors. Deluxe version includes 5 more colors and all 3 metals

Scarlet Creative Ana Loft Boxed New** @Scarlet Creative mainstore
Wonderful Annan Cabin comes with 3 colour styles: Dark Wood, Light Wood and White (all included). Skybox option too. 47 LI - 24 x 20 M. Mod and Copy. Additionally, furniture stage pack. Includes: Patio Chairs (2 types with new cushion colors), Rattan Pole Lamp, Sofa, Rug, Bed, Wardrobe, Antler Lamp, Tile Coffee Table, Bird Decor, Pile of Blankets & Basket of Linens

Ana Poses - Brasilia New** @The Epiphany
Wonderful Gacha with 10 Commons and 2 Rares (close and loving couple poses)

M.Birdie Necklace New** @Kustom9


Wednesday 13 January 2021

[Glam Affair] Fanya Skin Applier for Lelutka Irina Head 2.5 Evolution New** @Access Event
Superb Skin Applier available in tones 2, 4 till 10 with Shape included. For Irina Head. System layers

LeLUTKA Irina Head 2.5 New** @Lelutka mainstore
Superb New Head available with an Updated Hud.

Tableau Vivant // Soiree Hair New** @Collabor88
Wonderful Hair available in the usual color packs with Hud for changing Headband textures

{Le Fil Cassé} Vivi Bodysuit New** @Uber
Wonderful Bodysuit available with Hud for changing in 20 option textures.
For Maitreya, Petite, Legacy, Perky and Freya

euphoric ~ Eira Eyes Applier New** @Fetish Fair 
Wonderful Applier for Lelutka and Catwa in 8 tones

SAPA Poses 106# New** @The Warehouse Sale Event
Wonderful Set of 15 Bento poses with 50% reduction price

Pitaya Stellarium Skybox New** @Anthem Event
Wonderful skybox with 108 li. Materials enabled


Monday 11 January 2021

[Glam Affair] Zasha Skin Applier for Lelutka Evolution Heads New** @Collabor88
Superb skin applier available in tones 2, 4 till 10 with shape included. For Lilly Head. With lots of makeups

LeLUTKA Lilly Head 2.5 New** @Lelutka mainstore

Tram J1227 Hair New** @Collabor88
Wonderful Hair available in the usual color packs with stylish Hud

Pixicat Beatrice Dress New** @Collabor88
Wonderful Dress available in a lot of solid colors and patterns. Hud included in every color Hide/Show Top/Corset + Skirt. Sequin Texture layer. Colors for fabric parts (top+skirt). For Maitreya + Petite, Legacy + Perky, Hourglass and Freya

LaGyo Amal Fatpack Gacha New** @Collabor88
Wonderful Set with 31 commons and 7 Rares. The Bag (with pose) and Queen Choker with Hud for changing textures

Baiastice Noah Hells New** @Uber
Wonderful Heels available in 15 colors in plain or print options via Hud. For Legacy, Perky, Maitreya, Freya and Hourglass

Sapa 108# Poses New** @Anthem Event
Wonderful Set of 12 Bento Poses + Hud + Cloud

(Milk Motion) Antique Chandelier New** @Collabor88
Wonderful Resizable Chandeliers with 5 different Chain Heights. Lights on and off

{anc} Japanese Paper Screen for FLF @anc mainstore
Wonderful resizable Paper screen available in different colors

{anc} Forest Air New** @TMD
Wonderful air available in different sizes with Hud for changing speed and color

{anc} Hydrangea @anc mainstore

Garden by {anc} - "Baby's Breash" @anc mainstore


Tuesday 5 January 2021

[Glam Affair] Skin Applier Lilly for Lelutka Evolution Heads New** @Kustom9
Superb Skin Applier availabe in tones 2, 4 till 10. With shape included and lots of makeup

LeLUTKA Lilly 2.5 Evolution Head New** @Lelutka mainstore

                     Stealthic Vesper Hair New** @Stealthic mainstore
        Wonderful Hair available in the usual color packs with Stylish Hud

- Pixicat - Dove Top New** @FaMESHed
Wondeful Top available in 20 solid tones and 30 pattern. With Hud for Hide / Show Peplum and Sequin texture layer. For Legacy and Perky, Maitreya and Petite,Hourglass and Freya

- Pixicat - Oakley Tights New** @Anthem 
Wonderful tights available in shorts too in a huge variety of solid colors and patterns. With Hud for Hide / Show Zipper and Sequin texture layer

Kunglers Carissa Bracelets New** @FaMESHed
Wonderful Bracelets with Multitexture Hud and the possibility to show and hide one of the 2 bracelets

Kunglers Tessa Necklace New** @Kunglers mainstore
Wonderful Necklace part of a set with earrings with Multitexture Hud

Avi-Glam Lightstrike Eyes Rare New** @The Epiphany

Lyrium. Lira Static & Breathing + Fingers Series Fatpack New** @POSEvent
Wonderful Set of 6 Static mirrored Poses
and 6 Breathings Animations + Hands and Legs options. New Leg movements

(Milk Motion) The Rest Stop New** @Uber
Wonderful sky buble with snowing version option and no snowing version