Thursday 31 July 2014

Rose europa Glam Affair New** @Stroke

Baiastice Candy Dress New** @Uber
Marvellous dress available in 10 colours. Also in short and top version.

Exile Hair Rising Tides New** @Uber
Wonderful hair available in the usual packs plus a starfish cluster

anc Clothangar New** @Kagami 2014
Part of a wonderful japanese Room collection

an lár Pose Birch (Perspective Series) @an lar Poses

Rose europa 01 C

.aisling. Chandra Collar

Tuesday 29 July 2014

Rose Europa Glam Affair New** @Stroke

Truth Lala Hair New** @L´Amitie Market

*Cila* YuanWa Warrior Armour Rare & Necklace New** @Fantasy Gacha Carnival (8 Aug)

*Cila* Cloud wings Bracelet Rare, Ring Gold Rare, Wings gold Rare New** @Fit for a Princess - A Royal Shopping Event (August)

Rose Europa 07 F

+Half Deer+ Thomson's Gazelle

Sunday 27 July 2014

Rose Europa Glam Affair New** @Stroke

Cubic Cherry Top Hat and Bowtie New** @A6D 
Purchasing the Hat you get an Hud to buy the Bowtie for half price at the mainstore.

Cecily Dress Zibska New** @The Secret Affair

Vintage Bird 8f8 @Dreamers Factory

Meadow Tree Bench Rare & Meadow Tree @The Seasons Story

!Ohmay Hair

Saturday 26 July 2014

Rose Europa Glam Affair New** @Stroke

Baiastice Jitka Top and Skirt for A6D New** @MixMatch
Marvellous top and skirt available in 6 leather colours and 6 different prints. The Top with and without feathers.

Dura DBG52 Hair New** @Dura

an lár Walled 5 Pose @an lar poses

Rose Europa 11 H

Buzz eyes

Scarlet Creative Atlantic Gazer House

AF flowers

Thursday 24 July 2014

Rose Jamaica Glam Affair New** @Stroke

Checker Tableau Vivant Hair New** @MixMatch
Amazing Unisex Hair available in the usual packs. Each pack with an Hud allowing to purchase the Pawn and Check hair bases for half price at the mainstore.

Mandala Ero Sensei Pierce Set, Okaki face Piercing Set and Stretched Ears Omimi @Mandala

Rose Jamaica 05 NB
Universal Eyebrow 01 Black

.aisling. Chestlace New**

Bolson Tattoo New**

(Buzz) eyes New**

an lar pose

Sunday 20 July 2014

Rose India Glam Affair New** @Stroke

Zibska Celestina Necklace New** @The Secret Affair
Available with a colour change Hud (16 colours for beads and chains)

Zibska Cecily in Noir Dress New** @The Secret Affair
(Available in 4 colours)

Rose India 07 E

Dead Apples Eyes

AD Hair 

Thursday 17 July 2014

Rose Asia Glam Affair New** @Stroke

Rose Asia 03 B

Spellbound Hair

Dead Apples eyes

Rose Artic Glam Affair New** @Sotre
Sublime skin available in Artic, Asia, America, Africa, Jamaica, India and Europa. With 12 makeups and Clean, each makeup with 8 eyebrows. Also a complete set of Universal eyebrows layers in 8 different shapes one of them in white tintable.

Francois Hair Tableau Vivant New** @Hair Fair 
Fabulous Hair available in the usual packs.

Alchemy Dreams  New**@The Secret Affair

Rose Artic 12 B
Universal eyebrow 03 white

Alchemy Epaulets, Choker and Dress Simple

Dead Apples eyes

Wednesday 16 July 2014

Kallisto Artic Glam Affair New** @Romp 2014

Exile Young and Beautiful New** @Hair Fair

.aisling. Valentine Lace exclusive New** @The Secret Affair

Kallisto Artic 05 H

Dead Apples Eyes

Monday 14 July 2014

Cassia Exotic Glam Affair New** @The Seasons Story
Fabulous new tone.

Lusch Hair Tableau Vivant New** @Hair Fair
Fabulous Hair available in the usual packs with a Hud for changing the colour of the chain.

Cassia Exotic 06 C

Dead Apples eyes

Thursday 10 July 2014

Cassia Tropic Glam Affair New** @The Seasons Story
Superb new tone available in Cassia skin!!

Tableau Vivant Windang Hair New** @The Seasons Story
Fabulous Hair avialable in the usual packs!!

Mandala Legacy Necklace New** @Collabor88
Fabulous Necklace part of a new collection!!

Cassia Tropic 04 F

Mutresse Dress

Dead Apples Eyes

Wednesday 9 July 2014

Kallisto Exotic Glam Affair New** @Collabor88

Mandala Kyara Necklace New** @Collabor88

Dura Girls 55 New** @Dura store

Kallisto Exotic 02 D
Eyebrow shape 01

The Secret Store Dress New**

Dead Apples Eyes

Purple Poses

Tuesday 8 July 2014

Kallisto Exotic Glam Affair New** @Collabor88
Superb new tone and skin!!

Cheetah Hair Tableau Vivant New** @Collabor88
Fabulous Hair available in the usual packs and sizes. Comes with two Strands sizes. 

Baiastice Kafue Top and Skirt New** @Collabor88
Marvellous skirts and tops available in 10 colours and 6 prints

Kallisto Exotic 04 E
Eyebrow shape 01

Dead Apples eyes

Monday 7 July 2014

Kallisto Asia Glam Affair New** @Collabor88

Panther Tableau Vivant Hair New** @Collabor88
Marvellous Hair available in the usual packs with 3 sizes and Hud for changing the colour of the beads, feathers and lace.

Kallisto Asia 02 G
Eyebrow shape 01

Boom Ariara bikini New**

Del May Pose

Saturday 5 July 2014

Kallisto Asia Glam Affair New** @Collabor88 (soon)
Superb skin available in 8 makeups and 9 eyebrow tones including now brow. Also 6 eyebrow shapes. In love with :)

(anc) Passionflower Head accessory New** @The Seasons Story (soon)
Fabulous headpiece available in many different tones and with an Hud changing part of the headpiece with other tones. 

Kallisto Asia 08 A
eyebrow shape 05

Lelutka Hair New**

Dead Apples eyes

an lár Ambient Pose two
Cassia America Glam Affair New** @ Summerfest

LaGyo Malika Decor mask New** @Collabor88 (soon)
LaGyo Statement Necklace New** @Collabor88 (sson)

Baiastice Petra Tiger New** @Rhapsody

Damselfly Campbell New** @Summer Of Love Damselfly

Cassia America 02 E
Lips 14
Freckles 01

Dead Apples eyes

Attitude Pose

Friday 4 July 2014

Cassia America Glam Affair New** @Summerfest

   (anc) IceBee Icecreams & IceBee Stocker New** @OMG Gacha
Marvellous Icecreams availbe in many different flavours for wear and fly. IceBee Stockers in 3 flavours are Rare

Cassia America 04 F
Lips 20
Freckles 05

Tee*Fy Vivienne Summer short New**

Deadwool Beach soccer shirt New**

Spellbound Hair New**

We're Closed Rustic Deck Poses

Dead Apples Eyes

Tuesday 1 July 2014

Cassia Jamaica Glam Affair New** @Summerfest

Baiastice Petra Palm New** @Rhapsody
Wonderful outfit availble in 6 colours

LaGyo Avernal headpiece New** @LaGyo store
LaGyo Nymo Long Necklace Silver & Nymp Ring New** @LaGyo store
Marvellous new collection

Cassia Jamaica 08 G
Lips 01

Lelutka hair

!Ohmai Flamingo

Dead Apples Eyes

Clemmm Pose