Sunday 19 March 2017

Glam Affair Amaya Applier for Lelutka Mesh Head New** @Skin Fair 2017

Lelutka Bento Head Cate New** @Skin Fair 2017
Wonderful Head with lots of animations

Tableau Vivant Lelutka Bento Head Hairbase and Addon Hair New** @Kustom9
Wonderful hairbase for bento Lelutka Head available also in 3 more shapes. The addons are available in 3 different shapes and the usual color packs

LaGyo Ring my Neck Necklace New** @Shiny Shabby
Wonderful necklace available in 4 metal tones

erratic Priscilla Satin Babydoll New** @Collabor88
Wonderfull Babydoll available in different tones and prints for Maitreya mesh body. The fatpacks include 5 bonus colors.

Avi-Glam Eyes @Avi Glam mainstore

Body Language Bento SS Pose PuniPuni Series C New** @N21
Wonderful series of 6 poses with mirror. Hud and sit cube.

Little Branch Tulips Field New** @Genre Event
Wonderful tulips field available in 2 shapes

Friday 17 March 2017

Glam Affair Medison Gacha Applier for Catwa Mesh Head New** @Kustom9
Superb skin applier available in 6 eyeshadow sets, 8 lipsticks sets and a Polar tone Rare

Catwa Bento Lona Head New** @Skin Fair 2017

Tram G0215 Hair New** @Uber
Wonderful Hair available in 3 color packs and different sizes

Tee*Fy Hadley Cutout Top New** @Collabor88
Wonderful Top available in different tones and materials for Maitreya, Phisique and Hourglass

Saturday 11 March 2017

Glam Affair Reya Skin Applier and Lipstick for Catwa Mesh Head New** @Collabor88
Superb Skin Applier available in 7 tones. The Lipstick from set 5 is available in 4 tones.

Catwa Bento Head Lona New** @Skin Fair 2017

Tableau Vivant Hairplay FlipBlow Reward New** @The Arcade Gacha
Wonderful Hair offered automatically as a 25 reward play. Comes in 9  Huds and 1 pose

:Moon Amore: Dainty Babydoll New** @Collabor88
Wonderful Babydoll available in 8 color packs. Each pack with 4 options to wear - Windy and Regular Skirt and Sheer Top options. The fatpack includes Hud for changing each part of the babydoll tones. For Maitreya and Slink Phisique

[anc] Curly Forest Grass New** for FLF @anc mainstore
Wonderful Curly grass with hud for changing texture tones

erratic Colette Panty @erratic mainstore

Thursday 9 March 2017

Glam Affair Clary Applier and Lipstick for Catwa Mesh Head New** @Collabor88
Superb skin Applier available in 7 tones. The Lipsticks are available in 6 sets of 4 colors each

Catwa Lona Bento Head New** @Skin Affair 2017
Superb Bento Head

Tableau Vivant Lock'n' Roll Hair New** @Collabor88
Wonderful Hair avialable in 2 sizes in the usual color packs. With Hud for changthing the locks

erratic Pepper Skirt New** @Uber
Wonderful Skirt available in 15 options 

Blueberry Loli Hoodie Top New** @Collabor88´
Wonderful top available in different tones. The fatpack include exclusive tones

[Kunst] Cora Leaf Necklace New** @The Liaison Collaborative
Wonderful necklace available with Hud for changing tones

LaGyo Lazy Necklace New** @Collabor88
Wonderful necklace available in silver and gold

LaGyo Roses Satchel Bag New** @Shiny Shabby
Wonderful Bag available with and without pose in 7 colors

Baiastice Ring and nail Ring Bento Beta for Vista Hand New** @The Liaison Collaborative
Wonderful Rings available in 2 versions (with and without swords)

Little Branch Yellow Poppies New** @TMD
Wonderful poppies available in different tones in round and field options

euphoric Eyes New** @Skin Fair 2017

Wednesday 8 March 2017

Glam Affair Amaya Skin Applier and Moles for Lelutka Head New** @Skin Affair 2017
Superb Skin Applier available in 10 different tones

Lelutka Bento Cate Head New** @Skin Affair 2017

Tableau Vivant Lady Rosette Addon Hair New** @We <3 Roleplay
Wonderful Addon Hair available in the usual color packs. Here used with Tableau Vivant Hair Base for Lelutka Head

.euphoric Love Eyes New** @Skin Fair 2017

Baiastice La Nuit Dress New** @Fameshed
Wonderful Dress available in 12 sheer and opaque colors. G-String included. For Maitreya, Slink Phisique and Hourglass, and for fitted mesh and standard sizes

Baiastice Sacred Heart Jewelry Set New** @The Liaison Collaborative
Wonderful Set available in silver, gold, light gold, copper, brass and black tones.

[anc] Garden - Curly Forest Grass New** @anc mainstore
Wonderful grass 

Little Branch Little Hill New** @The Liaison Collaborative

Little Branch Red Bush New** @Enchantment

an lár [Poses] The Wren Series New** @We <3 Roleplay
Wonderful series of poses

Monday 6 March 2017

Glam Affair Cate Skin Applier for lelutka Cate Bento Head New** (10th March) @Skin Fair 2017
Superb skin applier available in 10 tones

Glam Affair Lelutka Bento Makeups - Moles and Lips New** @Skin Fair 2017
Superb lipsticks appliers available in 8 packs and 1 pack of moles

Lelutka Cate Bento Head New** @Skin Fair 2017
Superb Bento Head 

Carol G Dream Filter Tattoo New** @Skin Fair 2017
Wonderful Tattoo available in Red, White and Black

.Euphoric. Love Eyes New** @Skin Fair 2017
Wonderful mesh eyes available in blue, green and brown packs

Tram G0220 Unisex Hair New** @The Crossroads

[Kunst] Emerson Watch and Appliers New** @TMD
Wonderful Unisex highly customizable stripe watch

erratic crystal pasties @erratic mainstore

Saturday 4 March 2017

Glam Affair Zoella Skin Applier America Rare for Catwa Head New** @Tres Chic
Superb skin applier gacha available in 10 commons and 2 Rares.

Catwa Lona Bento Head New** @Catwa mainstore
Superb New Bento Head

Tram G0220 Unisex Hair New** @The Crossroads 
Wonderful Hair available in 3 color packs

LaGyo Flower Chocker New** @Fameshed
Wonderful chocker available in 8 colors

LaGyo Sparkling Rings New** @The Crossroads
Wonderful set of different rings

Tee*Fy Brooklyn Top and Joey Skirt New** @N21
Wonderful Skirt and Top available in different tones and prints. For Maitreya, Slink and Hourglass

[Kunst] Neon Bracelets and Spike Bracelets New** @Uber
Wonderful Unisex Bracelets available with Hud for changing textures

-Thalia Heckroth- Sharon Heels New** @Thalia mainstore
Wonderful Leather Heels available in 12 colors for Maitreya mesh body

[[RH]] Cafe In The Park Gacha New** @The Arcade Gacha 
Wonderful Set with the Building Rare and Music Clock Rare. Also 21 commons.

Souen Gacya-Buncyou Gacha New** @CCB
Wonderful Collection with 3 Rares and 14 commons

[anc] Fluff of a Dandelion New** @TMD
Wonderful Dandelions available in white and yellow animated and non animated

Body Language SS Pose Twenty Eight Set Bonus New** @Uber
Wonderful bonus set of 5 poses available in the Bento Ao Lory full set pack

Little Branch Riverwood V2 (4 Seasons) New** 

Thursday 2 March 2017

Glam Affair Adley Skin Applier for Lelutka chloe Bento Head New** @Uber

Tram G0210 Hair New** @Uber
Wonderful Hair available in 3 color packs

Tomoto Hoodie HaoriF Kitsune and KimonoF New** @CCB
Wonderful hoodie available also for neko and with Hud for changing the textures as well as the Kimono

{-Maru Kadu-} My Hideout Skybox Rare, Palette Shelf and Plants Gacha New** @CCB
Wonderful set available with 1 Rare and 13 Commons

*Kataonik* Okobo Gacha Rare New** @CCB
Wonderful Okobo available in different tones 

[anc] Cocktail Bird @anc mainstore

an lár [Poses] The Loulou Series New** @The Liaison Collaborative

Ikon Charm Eyes @Ikon

Wednesday 1 March 2017

Glam Affair Adley Applier for Lelutka Chloe Bento Head New** @Uber
Superb skin Applier for stunning Chloe available in 10 tones and several makeups

Tableau Vivant Hairplay Back Blow Rare New** @The Arcade Gacha
Wonderful hair available in different color packs. Including poses for bento hands to play

Blueberry Iconic Doll Gacha New** @The Arcade Gacha
Wonderful set with Winds, Shoes, Bra, Panties and Tiara. 24 commons and 6 Rares. The Bracelets are a reward prize after 25 plays

[anc] Miarium Bottles New** @The Arcade Gacha
Wonderful Giant Glass Beverages with moving light particles for Wear or Rez. Seven Commons with 2 poses and 2 Rares with 4 poses

[anc] Garden by anc "Spray" wild Flowers New** @Collabor88

Ikon Odissey Eyes @Ikon