Tuesday 17 December 2013

  • Neva Frost Glam Affair New** @The Seraphin Social. A fantastic and incredible skin available in 3 Packs tones. In each pack you have 6 eyebrows options (six skins in each pack), 4 appliers and Glam Affair - Lolas  Tango - Skin Applier (Horror edition )
Glam Affair - Slink Hands Skin Appliers ( Horror edition )
Glam Affair - Slink Feet Skin Appliers ( Horror edition )
Glam Affair Appliers for - *L.inc* Phat Azz  ( Horror edition )
(3 suggested mod. eyebrow shapers)

  • Shironuri Lashes Glam Affair New** @The Seraphin Social available in 4 different packs and shapes. Each pack has 12 tones. Once again a stunning and superb work of Glam Affair.
  • Shironuri Masks Glam Affair New** @The Seraphin Social available in 6 different tones and shapes. Superb!!
  • Snow Queen Hair Tableau Vivant New** @The Seraphin Social is a fantastic and superb hair with  6 different packs (Monsoon, Fall, Spring, Summer, Winter and Equinox) and an option for resize the hair.  
  • The Snow Queen flowers Tableau Vivant New** @The Seraphin Social is a marvellous headpiece and are available in 5 colours (red, black, white, pink and breeze) and also can be resizable. Included in the Hair Packs.

Try it you won´t resist!! Hope you adore it so much as I do!

Glam Affair Neva Frost 03 Pack
Glam Affair Shironuri Mask 04
Glam Affair Shironuri Lashes 04 Winter
Glam Affair Shironuri Lashes 03 Coal
Tableau Vivant Snow Queen hair Spring Pack
Tableau Vivant Snow Queen Flowers Breeze
Tsg eyes

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